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Xed has been around since the days of breakdancing and b-boying. He got in touch with electro and hip hop almost from day 1. Artists like Newcleus, Jonzun Crew, Man Parrish and World Class Wreckin Cru got his attention and that was pretty much for him. As thetime went by he knew he got caught into something that's gonna be raugh to present to the crowd but till this day more then 20 years later he's far from giving up. In the late 80's he started to spin in the local club in Zagreb, Croatia ''KSET'', all kinds of genres like soul funk, hip hop, electro, miami bass…In the mid 90's when he was spinning mostly hip hop and booty bass in the local club he hooked up with N-Ter his well known companion from the Crobot Crew. Little by little Hip Hop was getting to commercial for their taste and second emerging of electro was right up their alley. By the end of the 90's Xed perfected his skills as a DJ and with the new wave of electro he started a radio show on the Radio Cibona called ''Electrology''. The goal of the show was to educate wider crowd that's into electro sound and form group of folowers. The show went on for three years. At that time he was spinning electro at the party called ''Astralis'' (Goa Trance based) on the small floor and reactions were great. He remember one time one girl said to him: ''I love this robotica!'' February the 15th 2002 he promotes first electro party 'Electricity'' in the region that went very well. Two more folllowed. Xed and N-ter are formers of the Crobot Crew. Their goal is to promote electro in Croatia and wider in the region. They had gigs in various clubs in USA, Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia. In the year 2006 they went to Miami to do some gigs and to hook up with electro DJ's and promotors there. They came back in November 2007 and you can say they've established a strong Miami connection witch is very important for growth of The Crobot Crew. They've succesfuly promoted several electro parties with the guest like Anthony Rother, Aux 88, Exzakt, Bass Junkie, Paul Blackford, Boris Divider, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Godfather, Dynamik Bass System and they plan to promote few more with the well known names from the electro world. Crobot Crew formed they label called Crobot Muzik. They released few EP's and samplers on Juno Digital download and they're planning to go vinyl next year. Last year Puzzlebox released Aux 88 «Rated A.U.X. / We Are The Future» remixes with DJ Xed remix included. He also released 3 Ep's for DJ Godfather's label Twilight 76. He's constantly in the lab working on new material that's gonna be released in the near future, so stay tuned. Electro is here to stay!!! :

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