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Electro producer Boris Divider develops a dark-minimal Electro style as a consequence of the man-machine atmosphere, the vision of an automated society and a world controlled by machines.
Born in Madrid (1975), his influences come on the one hand from the first ebm waves and the dark electronic scene and on the other hand from the old school electro and hiphop movement that appeared on the streets of his city in the early nineties, of course influences from the Electro founders Kraftwerk, or refreshing Anthony Rother´s earlier work as well as concrete sci-fi films and books like Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell help him to reflect his vision. It was in 1992 when he started to make music with computers, sequencers and synths creating a several electronic projects. But finally Electro catched his attention at the end of nineties.

In late 2001 he joins the hi-top Anthony Rother´s label, where it was expected to be released a minialbum called "Integrated-Lifes" written and produced in year 2000. But he was officially presented as a PSI49NET artist in early 2002 through the Electro Commando 1 "Welcome To PsiCity" compilation, the track called "Terminal City" reflected a little sample from the forthcoming minialbum that finally could not see the light on PSI49NET but soon will do thanks to Monotone USA label in an adapted 4 track 12" ep format.

2003 was the year when he brought to the light his main project called DRIVECOM to give Electro the impulse it deserves and keep the essence of the dark and minimal taste that aimed him to start on this. Now four references include producers such as Scape One, Unborn, Dark Vektor, Ideograma or Micro Controlled Corporation aside from own productions getting a very good response around the electro community and turning the label as the most important reference of Electro in Spain.  Releases such as "People Love Machines" or "Dark Robot Forces" has been charted and spinned by the most important electro dj´s and also during 2004-2005 special tracks have appeared on compilations: Mad Electronics (V2 records) and new Miami OMNIAMM label.

Actually his powerfull hardware live act is combined with the amazing 3D visuals made by Capsula crew and has received a high rating from the audience. Collaborations are in process as well and he is developing always stuff for other labels such as Satamile (NYC), Monotone USA, or MSX... that will bring a new taste to the electro scene.

Check out Boris on our new release "Ippon Redux" (DLR-003).
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