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Espion is based in Glasgow (UK) with a number of releases and remixes out on labels around the world, including Orson Records (Transparent Sound), Serotonin (John Selway) and Reldz (Roman Zawodny). He is also the designer and organiser of Hyperoctave.org - an online music platform for electronic artists, events and releases - as well as a freelance audio producer for films and tv, including sound design and music. Espion has played live all over the UK and parts of Europe in recent years, and continues to run his own successful club nights. His variation and diversity in his music (also under the monikers 'Error Response', 'Ad Hoc' with co-producer Bitskit, and 'The Ascension' with co-producer C System), mixed with tireless efforts within various club nights, has seen him progress into a big name outside the electronic music underground, and particularly established himself as one of the best and well known producers in Glasgow. This is only the beginning!

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