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Based in Glasgow, Scotland. Galaxian bring's an individual take to the electro sound. Having produced dubby warped techno for some time and after hearing some incredible electro at a music festival in 2003, Galaxian decided to try and bring his own perspective to the electro genre. Influenced by the purveyor's of classic Detroit techno and UK electronica, his electro sound encompasse's dark atmospheric's, quirky and strange electronic's, menacing bassline's and creeping groove's fused with full on, twisted, mind warping electro and funked up groove's of the past, present and future. Inspired by such subject's as imperialism, history, propaganda, psychology, political ideologie's and their misuse's in the social structure and culture. Sometime's disturbing, sometime's unsettling. Never dull. An uncompromising approach and non conformist attitude always deliver a sound which is at once engaging, innovative and forward thinking, Currently releasing on a number of well respected labels in the USA and UK. Galaxian's sound is set to continue it's spread far and wide. His unique and idiosyncratic style continues to evolve and mature with every new release. Who know’s where it will lead.
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