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Paul Blackford grew up in the early nineties at the peak of the Rave/Acid House era. During this time he was copying mix tapes that his older brother brought home from raves and listening to them. After a couple of years of listening to these tapes and buying records on Shut Up And Dance, Impact, Network and various other labels Paul found a demo of a music sequencing program on an amiga magazine cover disk and started creating his own tunes. After saving up enough money he brought a Yamaha QY70 and started playing live sets using the portable sequencer. Towards the end of the nineties Paul formed the Uncanny X-squad with college friends (Method) Mel France and Tom(sk) Putnam and the trio started putting on illegal parties in south London. In 2002 Paul struck a deal with Ed DMX's label, Breakin' and his first EP entitled '1991' was released in February 2003. The EP was created using a Pentium II computer that Paul found in a skip outside some offices and a copy of Fruity Loops, proving that you don't need expensive equipment to make music. The EP fused the unmistakable sounds of old-skool rave, 8-bit computer sounds and incredibly fierce sub-bass. The Breakin' press release described it as being "like Aux 88 locked in a suburbanUK Bass sound. Check out Paul's track Multiplex on DLR-002!
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