Dirt Nap E.P. Title: Dirt Nap E.P. (DLR-001)
Release Date: Feb. 2008
Artists: Sougon, Sublock, WaveFirm
Media: 12" vinyl, digital (mp3) (limited pressing)
Genre: Electro

This four track release showcases some of the new electro sounds
coming out of Detroit, MI. Each track is distinctly different,
ranging from fast hard hitting beats with growling bass lines to
relaxed and glitchy. The Dirt Nap E.P. offers up a new flavor of
Detroit electro, focusing on mixing the raw analog sounds of years
past with the digital textures of modern electro. DeadLock's first
release is a compilation that sets the standard for what type
material the label will be releasing in the future.

Digital: Released February 2008 Please visit the info page to locate our online stores :)

Vinyl: Released February 2008

Coup d'état E.P. Title: Coup d'état E.P. (DLR-002)
Release Date: May 2008
Artists: Espion, Paul Blackford, Sougon, WaveFirm, *co-production on Tripwire - Shadowlessman
Media: 12" vinyl, digital (mp3) (limited pressing)
Genre: Electro

Detroit teams up with the UK to present a mixutre of electro sounds, all focusing on being good tracks to DJ with as well as dance floor favorites. This release features two UK artists Paul Blackford and Espion, and two Detroit artists WaveFirm and Sougon. Tripwire and Crisis stick close to the classic Detroit sound of hard beats, deep analog basslines and vocoder work. Apophis and Multiplex display the musical complexity and sub bass goodness our island friends are known so well for in thier production. Fast or slow this record brings it.

Digital: Released April 2008

Vinyl: Released May 2008 (DBI, Clone, CrossTalk)

 Dust, Ice, Destruction E.P. Title: Dust, Ice, Destruction E.P. (DLRS-002)
Release Date: April 2008
Artists: Oort Cloud
Media: MP3 (Digital Only Release)
Genre: Electro

Description:This four track E.P. features one of our newest, upand coming artists on DeadLock. Their style is a mixture of solid electro beats and dark, moving sound scapes. Staying true to their Detroit electro influences, Oort Cloud brings out the big guns on this EP, using mostly all analog gear. Each song is skillfully crafted, telling the stories of intersterllar space running wild through their heads. Over all this EP is one to take to the club and play when you need to get the dance floor moving.

Digital: Released April 2008 (FREE PROMO)

Vinyl: N/A

Ippon Redux Title: Ippon Redux (DLR-003)
Release Date:June 2008
Artists: Boris Divider, WaveFirm, Sougon, Paul Blackford
Media: VINYL, MP3
Genre: Electro


The long awaited remixes of Sougon's "Ippon" are here. After making #6 on Dave Clarke's top ten list for the Best of 2007 show "Ippon" is back, remixed and ready to rock out. With heavy hitters like Boris Divider, Paul Blackford and WaveFirm, DeadLock is taking this tune to the next level. Sougon also released a re-edit of the original track just for this record. The beginning has changed for easier mixing, but the guts are the same. Bringing out all the big guns, this compilation shines above the original release for those of you who love electro.

Digital: June 2008

Vinyl: December 2008

3 Mile Island Title: 3 Mile Island E.P. (DLR-004)
Release Date:July 2008
Artists: Paul Blackford
Media: VINYL, MP3
Genre: Electro


This full length release by UK's own Paul Blackford takes us into the shadowy world of electro bass. Each track tells a story, and that story needs to be told on a huge sound system. THe sub bass in all of the tracks moves along in perfect hamory with the speedy drum loops and melodic synthsizers. The dark undertone matched perfectly with all of the other DeadLock releases, but stands out on it's own featuring Paul's unique electro style. Perfect for mixing with techno, electro or DnB this EP will satisfy anyone from the DJ to the music connoisseur.

Digtal:June 2008

Vinyl: February 2009

Siege of Detroit EP Title: Siege of Detroit E.P. (DLR-005)
Release Date:July 2009
Artists: DJ Xed, Sougon
Media: VINYL
Genre: Electro


Digital: N/A

Vinyl: June 2009