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Deeply inspired by Detroit's techno/electro scene during the late 90's Sougon first started DJing in late 1999. He found an interest in the complex percussive and alien like synthetic sounds that seduced the crowds around him. A few years back a group called the Detroit Techno Militia was formed and Sougon was recruited to be a foot soldier playing gigs throughout the mid-west. Using his knowledge of underground music and his skills as a DJ/Producer he was tasked with lighting up the mid-western club scene, rave parties, and radio air waves. His mission was to inspire and educate those who were willing to hear and feel the music. Over the past 15 years Sougon has refined his unique style of music and during 2007 released a track on Crate Savers Music's sublabel Detroit Techno Militia called "Ippon". He's also been a featured artist on Dave Clarke's White Noise Radio (making the charts at #6), and played the 2006 Detroit Electronic Music Festival.
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